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Tips On Installing A Cedar Shake Roof

Tips On Installing A Cedar Shake Roof

Often, the homeowners get puzzled while selecting a particular roofing material. Nowadays, the market is flooded with different varieties of roofing materials wherein each roofing material showcases its benefits as well as drawbacks. The shingles, tiles, rubber, metals, tar etc. are some of these roofing materials that are quite popular with the households.

The roofs that employ cedar shakes are now a thing of the past. The weather-proof coating of cedar shakes in now replaced by the dazzling and vivid colored tin, roll and shingle roofs. The ability of the cedar shakes to prevent your roof against the damaging effects of external agents (air, water, sunlight, dust etc), allows some homeowners to go with such cedar shake roofs.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with the lighter and efficient alternates of the cedar shakes. For instance, the roll, tin and shingled roofs are lighter than the cedar shakes. However, the cedar shakes grow attractive with constant exposure to the external elements.

However, there are a number of households that stick to these cedar shakes when it comes to choosing a roofing material for their homes. Avail the services of an expert roofer straightaway prior to the installation of a cedar shake roof.

Start off the campaign by placing the tar or roofing felt over the surface of the entire roof. Establish a firm and stringent base for the cedar shake layers as cedar shakes are heavier than their counterparts.

Take the cedar shakes to the roof one by one and start their installation job. Initiate the installation task from the left spread of the roof and move towards the right side. Make sure that the overhang on the fascia is maintained in the overall setup. Also, keep sufficient space between the successive shakes. The gaps would allow the regular phenomenon of expansion and contraction of wood.

Render proper finishing to the setup by placing ridge-caps over the cedar shake structure. An alternative for the ridge-caps could be a segment made by joining two cedar shakes.

The complications met in the project need to be handled by the roofer only. Hand over the complications to an expert as soon as possible.


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